Electric Cars Conversion Kits Facts

The best electric car conversion kits are the ones that allow the average user to personally customize his automobile and transform it into a car that runs with electrical power. Because gas prices are constantly growing and environmental changes began to worry the global population, many individuals turned to electric cars conversions. People who can afford an expensive purchase can buy new hybrid model cars or an electric car, but those who are financially pressured can keep their present car and turn it into an electric car by using an electric car conversion kit.
The basic idea of an electric car conversion is to replace the tank that holds the gasoline with an electrical battery that will provide the necessary energy to fuel the car.
Electric car kits can be found in two types, the kits that replace the present and functional mechanism of the car and install a new and complete electric drive system and the kits that are installed with the current fuel system. The basics of an electric car conversion kit are a motor, a battery and a control mechanism.
The main advantage of electric car conversions is the fact that the new installed system will reduce fuel costs and provide a daily pollution free driving process. Cars with electrical systems do not damage the environment. Electric conversions kits will provide the same speed that a non electric or a generic electric car has. People who decide to install the new electric system, but also keep the old, gas based one can draw advantages from both systems. The user can drive on gas, but when he runs out of gas he can turn to battery power. One advantage of manually installing yourself an electric system is that you’ll be able to save up to $5000 in money spent on the mechanic’s fee. Other benefits can include the saving of money every year, receiving incentives from the government because you are driving a non-polluting car, eliminating smokes and taking care of the environment. With an electrical system, an average car user can benefit a more torque and more responsive engine and a higher mileage for the money usually spent on gas. Installing a new electric system requires a sturdy set of tools, patience and a helping hand. All the steps are in the kit’s manual.
DIY electric car conversion kits are cheap and easy to find in every market. They usually cost around $400, which means that they are a wise and cheap investment. Despite all these benefits, the DIY conversion kit has a few setbacks. The manual that comes with the kit doesn’t include sufficient information about the procedure and it’s not presented in a user-friendly way. The conversion will also require big amounts of time for the manual labor. Another requirement for a successful electric car kit installment is strong knowledge about the way a cars works, its components and some mechanic skills.
The best electric car conversion kits are the ones that come with a very explicit and detailed manual that will help the average user to transform his gas consuming and air polluting vehicle into a environmentally safe car.